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Koi Pond Makeover

For the last several years we have had an old koi pond sitting in our backyard. We could never really decided what to do with it. Obviously, we thought about putting Koi fish back in it... but then Colton fell into it, so we decided we should think up something else. My little yorkie-poo, Mia, also fell into it on a separate occassion. This was becoming a nightmare. It was left by the old home owners and full of smelly, greenish-looking murky water. I'm pretty sure it was growing it's own weeds and everything. Needless to say, it was pretty gross. Fast forward to this summer and it's still sitting there in all it's nastiness and we still had not decided what to do about it. Then Braxton fell in. That was enough, we were filling that thing in. I decided that if we wanted a little fish pond down the road, we can have it redone, but for now- it was going to have to be something else.

I also had an abundance of little flowers and plants that Colton had planted at preschool that he was so proud of (one was literally a pot of grass... he loves that grass!). He always says "a little rain and some sun really does work!". 

I decided to make the "pond" into his own personal garden. He gets to pick the flowers, he gets to help plant them and he has to water and take care of them! He was ecstatic. 

My mom offered to come over and fill in the pond with dirt and help Colt plant. Check out this adorableness:


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Brittany, Herself.

Have you heard of Brittany Gibbons?

If not, you're missing out. I bet most of you bloggers have, I mean, how could you not?! Well, for those of you who ARE missing out, let me show you a little glimpse of Brittany, Herself. Little did you know she lives right here in town! If you haven't met her in person, try to. She is pretty awesome. 

"Brittany Gibbons is the author of the blog, Brittany, Herself, a body image advocate, TED Speaker, media personality, internet catalyst, curve flaunter, comedian, fashion horder, and eater of the cold chinese take-out in the fridge. Her hilarious memoir, Fat Girl Walking, will be released by HarperCollins early 2015."

Here is a portion of her latest blog post--- Click here for the entire post and to visit her site! Happy Reading!


Brittany Gibbons


The 15 Minute Diaper Cake

We were throwing a surprise baby shower for a client at work last month and I got asked to help make a diaper cake by Heather, my co-worker (who also calls me "Wall", because there is just a wall seperating us and when we talk, we both stare the wall as if we can see other and just yell). 

Before we knew it, it was Friday at 4pm... and the cake was needed on Monday for the shower. Heather ran out and got the diapers and all the neccessities from Party City. We took all the goods into a conference room at 4:30pm and figured we would just wing it. Heather had made a diaper cake before... I had not. Once we decided we wanted to make the kind that looked "fanned out" instead of rolling up all the diapers, we were all set. We put our team work together and whipped out a pretty awesome Diaper Cake in literally... 15 minutes!


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What you need:

1 large box of diapers (size 1)


3 silver tiered cake platters

A few large rubberbands

A stapler

Cake Topper (we used plastic babies from Party City)

To start, we wrapped up some diapers to form a circle in the middle of the platter (that's what used the large rubberband for. You can do this on the bottom layer and the middle layer to take up space in the middle since the silver platters end up covering them). Wrap 'em up and rubberband 'em. Then you just set that rubberbanded circle of diapers in the middle of the platter, and fan the diapers out around it. Heather would hold the diapers and I would fan them out. Then one of us would hold it in place with our arms while the other wrapped the ribbon tightly around (we were at a loss for how to connect the ribbon so we just very discreetly stapled it). Viol√†! One layer done.


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You just repeat those steps on each layer and then when you get to the top, roll a really nice and neat little circle of diapers (for the topper to sit on) and again, fan out the diapers around it. Staple some ribbon on there, place a plastic baby on top and call it a day!


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Have you made a diaper cake? Have you seen those other diaper contraptions like diaper tricycles, etc...? Maybe I will try that next. 


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