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I currently have a lot to do with my new business partners over at TruGrit and I didn't want you all to feel too out of the loop. So I'm going to take a mild blogging hiatus till I get a solid schedule down and get everything on track and rolling. That way I don't get stressed out trying to write blogs amongst the 50 million other things I have going on... We do have a lot of exciting things coming up so I will try to keep you in the loop as much as possible. 


Also, you can follow Molly, Allie, and I over at Moms on the Go. We do a weekly talk show and have some great conversations over there.

In the mean time, I will let a good friend of mine blog from time to time in my place- Kari Ewersen!

Kari is an interior designer and a great one. I've know her for years and met her through Jeff, they work together. I'll let her explain the rest :) 


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"Hello readers!  I have always had a love for color, texture, and fashion.  Growing up, my dad used to constantly take me with him to hardware stores (he is quite the handyman), and I always made a bee line for either the paint or kitchen areas.  I randomly collected countertop and paint samples, eventually owning an entire box full of them.  I have always liked to paint (and I’m talking walls, not canvas!) and I LOVED going to furniture stores, but unfortunately they never handed out free samples to add to my collection.

After realizing that interior design was my niche and passion, I enrolled at Davis College and earned my Interior Design degree in May 2011.  I recently started working at LIVV Interior Designs in Toledo as an independent contractor.  I love to help people and listen to their needs.  My job is to redesign a client’s space using their initial vision or idea.  My favorite part is that I get a completely new, different project with each client.  I love the challenge.

I also love baking and playing tennis (which is how I met Lisa!).  I am a huge baseball fan and my husband and I love to travel and see different stadiums.  I also love to check out the architecture and design details of not only stadiums, but all commercial or residential spaces.  My guilty pleasure is watching HGTV and ordering more home magazines than I have time to read.  I am excited and honored to be a part of Moms In Heels and share all of my fun tips and ideas with all of you!

Ask me any of your design questions and follow me on Facebook and Pinterest as well!"

- Kari

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