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Chicken or Fish?!

Hello all :) I hope everyone has had a great weekend! Last night, as most of you know, I was super bummed because my favorite show Revenge on ABC is taking a "break"". Seriously, is that necessary? I need to talk to who ever is in charge of that decision... I might also suggest they start playing it every evening, what is this once a week business!? ;) 

Well besides that, we had a busy weekend... It was Colton's birthday on Friday. I seriously cannot believe he is 3. It's so crazy, but still so fun because 2 and 3 are such a great age. I love his little voice and all the funny things he says... hopefully it stays cute and he doesn't ever talk back to me ;) just let me stay in dream land and pretend that will happen! Sunday was his birthday party- Thomas the Train. I will write my next post about that and get more into detail. He had such a great time, he was in Thomas Heaven all day.

But as most of you know, with planning a birthday party and running errands there is not a ton of time left for cooking or being around the house. I was constatly on the go this weekend. I decided to try to trick my little newly-three year old. I went through McDonalds because he kept asking for "nuggets". In his language "nuggets and fry fries" is really chicken nuggets and french fries. So I pull up to the drive thru window and asked for the happy meal with Fish McBites instead of nuggets. All he heard was nuggets so he wasn't paying any attention. I also got myself the regular size fish bites to try. I love fish... one of my favorite foods.


I got my bag from the next window and Colton doesn't even let me pull away from the window before saying "nugget! nugget!" It's like he gets a glimpse of the bag and he KNOWS. It can honestly be so annoying, but I also remember as a kid when my mom went through the drive thru and would make us wait till we got home to eat anything and it was like torture. So I decided to test my trick... I said "you want a nugget buddy?" and he replied with an enthusiastic "YEAH!!!" so I hand him the Fish McBite. He chowed it right down and asked for more! He ate every single Fish McBite in the pack! I was thrilled, I had succeeded. I kept asking him if he liked them and he kept saying yes :) 

Success. Colton likes fish ;) I later told him, which I'm not so sure he even understood, about the trick I played on him. He kept saying "tricked me!" so who really knows. But twice I've ordered him the fish instead of the nuggets and he is just loving it! Naturally, I've ordered myself an order every time as well. They are honestly really good!! :) If you like fish you've got to give them a try.


Since I know you're just running to get your car keys now to try them... or not, Let's do a giveaway to inspire you to head to the closest McDonalds and give these babies a try... Let your kids try them, even if you have to trick them! You will win an entire Fish McBite prize pack! You will get to try them for free and you get some cool free stuff from McDonalds as well!

Share this post on your social media feeds, Facebook, Twitter, whatever... and then let me know that you did! I will pick the winner randomly from the names on Wednesday! Share Share Share :) 

Happy Monday and Happy Fish McBites!


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