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Blake Questions.. Answered

Time to celebrate! Baby Boy Blake is ONE.  We celebrated his birthday today.  His sappy one year old letter is written and filed away.  I reread his birth story this morning while sipping on my coffee. And now it’s time for something fun and light, because I’m in a fun and light kind of mood.  J Upon meeting people for the first time with my youngest son we always get the same few questions/comments.  Shall we discuss?

How old is he? Insert answer. Now, I can’t believe I will be saying one.  Insane.  No more stating his age in months.  Nope, he is a year old.  I read an article the other day that referred to a one year old as a toddler. Let’s not push it people, he’s a baby…ok maybe just a baby to us.  Our baby.

PicMonkey Collage

Then almost immediately I get the… He’s so tiny followed by the person sizing me up.  Are they looking to see if I’m tiny?  Are they wondering if I feed him enough? No idea, but I usually smile and say Yep, and then just in case they are thinking the latter I confirm that he loves his food. And he does.  There hasn’t been a food he hasn’t liked and he has a big appetite. I just have tiny featured children what can I say?  That and he is On. The. Move.  The last few days he has been running laps.  No joke, running in circles for hours having the time of his life. Maybe he’s training for a Baby Olympics, or maybe he sees the rest of his family playing Xbox Kinect Sports and wants in on the action.  Yes he’s tiny but healthy.

At some point upon meeting someone, Blake will flash his mega-watt smile. There’s been a couple of times that he smiles and then shivers.  It’s like his body can not contain his happiness. This is followed with 

Is he always this happy?   I love this question as much as I love my happy baby.  Yes, 90% of the time he is happy guy.  He loves when people talk to him.  Love when someone is watching him.  Proud when he accomplishes something.  Watches his big brother in delight.  When he is happy he is really happy. Unfortunately, during those 10% he’s not, he really is not.  Like his mother, he’s not a happy camper when someone tells him no, or when he’s hungry, or tired. He does get it honestly.  But that 90% overshadows any fussiness.

Is he your only?  Nope, he has a six year old brother.  And then almost immediately the follow up Are you going to try for a girl?  This would be a no.  Thanks for asking though. ;)

Where does he get that blonde hair?  My husband and I are both brunette with a darker skin tone.  Denny has dark eyes too.  Blake is a blonde hair blue eye looker.  So we get this question a lot.  My whole side has blue eyes.  And Denny was a little blondie growing up.  I wouldn’t believe it myself if there wasn’t picture proof. 


Blake Martin is such a joy.  I continue to feel incredibly lucky and blessed for my lovely family of four.  This year has gone fast.  Too fast, but I have loved every day and now today I am mom to a one year old again.

Blake Collage 2

XOXO, Brandi

Goodbye 2013 {Brandi}

I always say time goes too fast.  Every. Single. Year.  And it’s true.  I’m constantly sitting in disbelief that yet another year has passed.   2013 was absolutely no different, in fact I think it went even quicker.  Last night marked the last day of this memory making year.  And, boy were memories made.

Today, on New Years Day we celebrated those memories as a family with our Memory Jar.  (Our plan was to do this last night, but a certain 6 year old boy fell asleep way too early from an entire day of non-stop play).  No matter, I don’t mind starting off the New Year looking backwards before I looked forwards.

Our Memory Jar

Our jar sat visibly on our desk in the kitchen. Clearly marked 2013 Memories. The insides contain little notes of our best moments, the things that made us smile, experiences that had us laughing, days we don’t want to ever forget. Of course all the big memories are never forgotten, but it’s the little joys we wanted to include in there too.  Post it notes capturing those sacred moments, wine corks from those special dinners, ticket stubs, pictures, little tokens that represent our family’s memories were jam packed inside our memory jar. 

Memory Jar1a

This morning after breakfast, we sat around the fire, popped open the jar, and dumped our year out.  We took turns reading, reliving, and remembering.  It was family bonding to the max.  It was so fantastic it’s already a documented first memory in our 2014 jar.

Memories Out

Don’t get me wrong everything wasn’t sunshine and roses in 2012, but I have learned from the negative experiences. Learned that my husband is my true partner in life. Was reminded how valuable genuine friendships are. Was inspired to do better, be better, and live better. To stay positive and strong. And I realized always be grateful.

And grateful I should be because overall 2013 was pretty incredible. So yes today we celebrated our old memories and now we are ready to make new ones.

Happy New Years.




In just a few hours it will be 2014!

Let's chat about the past, present, and future for a moment. 2013 was a good year, a lot of great memories were made. I would like to dub the year 2013 "the year of learning" for me. I seriously learned so much! I learned about friends, careers, my kids, and even myself. I would say I learned more last year than I can remember learning in a long time. I was constantly challenged and moving with the flow of change. 

For 2014, I obviously don't know what it will bring, but I would like to think of it as the year of progression. Progress in all sorts of ways, Colton will be 4 and entering his last year of preschool, Braxton will be two and it will be his last year before preschool! Jeff and I decided this summer we will decided if we want one more kid or no more kids, so that is also progress! I would like to think there will be progress in relationships, personally and professionally, career progress, personal goal progress, and even family progress (maybe one of my sisters will get pregnant!). 

Either way, I love progress so bring it on 2014!! :) 

Here is a look at some of my favorite moments of 2013

photo 4


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Harst Family-Harst-0022

picmonkey image

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IMG 3346

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photo 11

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IMG 4080

IMG 3640

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(Ohhh and happy birthday to Jeffrey! He is a new years baby!)


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