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New Years Resolutions & What Your Children Think

It's that time of year! Everyone will be making their new year resolutions and the number one resolution for 2014 is... (dun dun dun) losing weight! Shocking, I know. I bet you never would have guessed ;) 

Back in June there was an article making the viral waves called When your mother says she's fat
It's an awesome post about a young girl who claims she thought her mother was flawless, perfectly beautiful, until age 7. When she learned her mom was fat. Here is a quick insert from the post:

"One night, we were dressed up for a party and you said to me, ‘‘Look at you, so thin, beautiful and lovely. And look at me, fat, ugly and horrible.’’
At first I didn’t understand what you meant.

‘‘You’re not fat,’’ I said earnestly and innocently, and you replied, ‘‘Yes I am, darling. I’ve always been fat; even as a child.’’ 

In the days that followed I had some painful revelations that have shaped my whole life. I learned that:
1. You must be fat because mothers don’t lie.
2. Fat is ugly and horrible.
3. When I grow up I’ll look like you and therefore I will be fat, ugly and horrible too.

Years later, I looked back on this conversation and the hundreds that followed and cursed you for feeling so unattractive, insecure and unworthy. Because, as my first and most influential role model, you taught me to believe the same thing about myself."

One of my favorite parts of the whole post is when she says "Now I understand what it’s like to grow up in a society that tells women that their beauty matters most, and at the same time defines a standard of beauty that is perpetually out of our reach. I also know the pain of internalising these messages. We have become our own jailors and we inflict our own punishments for failing to measure up. No one is crueller to us than we are to ourselves."

womens ideal body size for men

It makes you think doesn't it? I think we all need to be more careful about our choice of words. It's fine to have that resolution and it's great to be healthy and exercise but maybe we need to use more words like "healthy" and "exercise" instead of words like "fat" and "ugly". You don't want your kids to grow up with a fear of being "fat" or thinking that being any bit overweight is bad. Just be healthy, be comfortable, be okay with yourself. Start with something small like making sure you don't talk about weight or "skinny" and "fat" infront of your kids. I don't think Colton knows what the word "fat" is and I'm happy because he won't be the one to embarrass me in the grocery store when yelling "he/she is so fat!" like I've heard some kids do.

Just be cautious that your kids look up to you, they hope and dream to be Don't crush them with talking badly about yourself, your image, and what you think you look like. To them, you are perfect. 

Now watch this awesome video to make my point really hit home:


Celebrations & Thank Yous

Dylan’s last birthday Thank You is signed, stamped and ready to be delivered.  Last week’s birthday festivities celebrating his six years of life was crazy fun and one to be remembered.

Elf Chuggington’s imaginative way to say happy birthday, daddy’s famous pancakes, 23 goodie bags made for his class friends, we sent Dylan off on his birthday in style.

Goodie Bags

All day long I was counting down the hours until that bus dropped him off and we could continue to celebrate his day. Meal of his choice cheese quesadillas (even I can handle that) served up with cookies and an unlimited supply of juice.  Then a scavenger hunt leading him to the basement displaying his present...a bounce house.  He loved it and bounced the night away.

The next day was family birthday party time.  I seriously love having all the sides of our family together.  A little crazy, a little chaotic, a whole lot of love and fun.  We went Dr. Seuss theme this year.  Seriously, the hardest part is coming up with a theme but once that’s figured out everything else falls into place.  Dylan absolutely LOVES to read and his favorite book is Wacky Wednesday so theme decided.  Voila.


Grinch Dip, Ham I Am Deli Tray, Goose Juice (lemonade) & Moose Juice (blue Gatorade), One Fish Two Fish Goldfish Snacks, Dr. Seuss Hat Cake, and a few other touches set the stage.


Lots of family members, so many thoughtful and generous gifts, stories and retold, memories created made for an incredibly special day for our six year old.

Cake Dylan

Dylan spent the last few days doing his thank you cards. I suggested that he just write the words thank you and make a smiley face, but he had something else in mind.  He drew a picture of the gift that each person got him to the gifter.  So family members check your mailboxes your masterpieces should be arriving soon.  He seriously had so much fun drawing up his thank you cards, and I’m proud that he is generously grateful for not only the awesome gifts, but for his awesome family. 

Today you are


To My Six Year Old

You had me at the first cry. Smitten from the moment I laid eyes on you.  Mesmerized and amazed by you every single day since.

Amazed by your kind heart.  You do not like to see anyone sad.  If baby brother is upset, you offer up Mr. Bear in hopes to make him smile.  Someone’s feelings hurt. You are quick to give hugs.  A strong desire to help others is present in your soul.

Amazed by your desire to learn.  You absolutely love to read, ask a number of questions (many I have to google for answers), and interested in so many different topics.  Your brain is a sponge. You absorb and retain information so very quickly.  You just get things.  You take me by surprise by how much you know. And when I ask how knew it, you reply, “I just know.”

Amazed by your role as Big Brother.  You were our only child for five years.  Much concern filled me when bringing home your little brother 11 months ago. Unwarranted concern because you rock the big brother role.  You were excited to teach him how to crawl and walk.  Love reading books with him and already trying to teach him flashcards.  You sneak in his crib to chat.

Amazed by your six year old passions.  You absolutely love your karate class. Showing off your skills, counting in Japanese and taking the responsibility of your yellow belt seriously.  Saturdays are filled with soccer games.  You hustle, kick, and defend.  

Amazed by your imagination.  Writing and illustrating stories, drawing your own towns, brainstorming how you will be a millionaire one day.  You want to buy houses, build a computer wife, and make your own toys to sell in your toy store.  You are going to be a busy man, good thing you’ll have a computer wife to help you out.

Yes, Dylan Lee you amaze us.  Happy Birthday.

Much Love, Mom 

XOXO - Brandi

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