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Winter Activities for the Family!

Hey guys :) 

I heard that tomorrow we are supposed to have snow flurries in the evening. That seriously makes me want to jump on a plane and go to the bahamas. I mean, really, that's how I feel (even though I have NEVER actually been to the bahamas...but we all know it sounds wonderful!). I hate winter, and I hate snow. Sure, I like skiing and those fun winter activities, but not any aspect of the day-to-day winter season, and since we live in Ohio where there are NO mountains, It's not like I can go skiing 24/7. Instead, I'm left bundling up just to open my door to get the mail. 


Well, with that rant over with, I decided to make a fun list of family things to do to keep busy this winter season! I wanted to focus on trying to find the fun around the area that I may not have experienced before. So I came up with a list of things to do. Not only for me, but for you, and for all different age groups and families. So here we go...

-Build It in Levis Commons <-- this one I've been to and the boys love it. Just an easy place to drop in for an hour or so.
-Sylvania Playland <-- Another easy place to go for a rainy or cold day, but I always try to go during their slow times.
-Imagination Station <-- If you've never been, go! There is so much to do!
-Westfield/Franklin Park Mall <-- you might laugh at this one, but we go to the mall ALL.THE.TIME. I'm pretty sure Colton thinks it's a carnival or something. We don't actually shop (since Gap Kids isn't there... I'm still really bitter about it) but we play in all the play areas, we get lunch, soft pretzels, sometimes cookies, and even ride the train. I mean he honestly loves it! 
-577 Foundation, Perrysburg <-- I've never been! But I've heard about it and I definitely want to go.
-Toledo Firefighters Museum <-- Also never been, but again always hear about it, definitely on my list for this year!
-Toledo Museum of Art <-- I've always loved this place. I actually have never taken Colton so that is a must. 
-Ohio Skate <-- Oh yeah, I loved this place as a kid. Rockin those roller skates baby, that was my family. On Tuesday nights of course, when it was Christian Skate Night. That's not a joke.
-Ritter Planetarium-Brooks Observatory at UT <-- I went as a teen, but haven't been since then. Colton would LOVE this, he is all about planets, stars, the sun and moon, etc... I can't wait to take him!
-Maumee Bay State Park <-- A classic in my mind. Just go stay for the night, a little local getaway. Go swimming, play volleyball, arcades, raquetball, and more... it's just a fun place to go. 
-Rutherford B Hayes Presidential Center <-- Went when I was in school but not since then. Every Christmas they have a holiday train exhibit. Multiple model trains are part of an elaborate layout and visitors are given control of the trains movements. Sounds like fun!
-Toledo and Lake Erie Western Railway & Museum <-- If you have a little train lover in your home, definitely go here!
-Kalahari <-- I actually love this place. I'm sure you've heard of it, if not, check it out!
-Merry Go Round Museum in Sandusky <-- Have not been yet, but want to go! They even have story time during the week and you get to ride the carousel :) I think Colton would love it. 
-Snooks Dream Car Museum in BG <-- Also have not been here, but reading the website makes me want to go! What little boy doesn't love cars? Plus, I want to see them too! 
-The Valentine Theatre, Stranahan, etc... <-- Local venues that always have shows going on for the family or kids. Keep up with their show schedules by their e-mail newsletter. I love theatre :) 

Well, there you have it! That's my list for things around the area to do. Now, once I do them all maybe I will update the list with my favorites or something :) I'm looking forward to checking them off my winter list. You know, since winter is now basically 9 months of the year ;) I'm pretty sure it snowed in May this year. Again, I wish I was joking! 

Hope you all have a great week, and let's check out some new fun things to do this winter!

Today We Celebrate

To My 10 Month Old,

Today we celebrate your 10 month birthday. Seriously, how has it been ten months?

Blake Hospital

We don’t celebrate month birthdays you say.  Oh, but we do.  Today we celebrate that we welcomed you to our family on January 3, 2013. Celebrate that we have had ten months already to love you.  Today, like every day we celebrate watching you as you discover your world.

And your world little man is filled with walking with kitchen chairs. Walking with ottomans. Walking holding onto the couch. Walking along the parameters of the wall. You are so driven.  You can see the determination in your eyes to conquer this milestone.  You have taken up to five steps unassisted. And afterwards flashed us the biggest smile ever as we applauded.


And can you talk about your smile? Still lighting up the room.  Your smile is the definition of pure joy and happiness. Sometimes you squeal because you cannot contain your complete delight.


You haven’t had a baby food you didn’t like.  You sleep through the night. You love watching your brother in all of his activities.  You my dear heart are such a blessing. 

So yes, we celebrate you Blake Martin at ten months old.  We celebrate that you entered our lives and daily world.  We celebrate the milestones you have so proudly accomplished.  We celebrate the milestones you will achieve in the future.  We celebrate that you turned our happy family of three into our happy family of four. Oh yes, today we celebrate YOU.

XOXO, Brandi

Buddy Valastro: The Cake Boss

Who out there watches the TLC show Cake Boss?! Yes, the one with Buddy Valastro! Well good news for all of you, he is coming to Toledo!


Just over a year ago I got the awesome opportunity (if that's what you call standing in line to get into  bakery) to actually go to Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, NJ! I went with my friends Allie and Tera. We actually went to NYC for a charity event (read about it here on Allie's blog) but how could we not stop in Hoboken! Yes, that means we drove there! Looking back on that trip, we had such a great time, I would do it all over in a heartbeat! 

Anyhow, back to Carlo's Bakery... let's just say I LOVE cake. I mean I really like any and all junk food so whatever, but white cake with white frosting might be my weakest point ;) true love. We waited in this huge line, over an hour, to get inside the bakery. I heard it's always like this! See below for all the sugary goodness of Carlo's Bakery! If you ever head that direction, you should definitely stop there!

Before I get to posting my pics from that trip, you guys can see Buddy for yourselves at The Stranahan! I am definitely going, so let me know if you are too!

The Family Celebrations Tour

Join America’s favorite baker, Buddy Valastro at Toledo’s Stranahan Theater Nov 16th at 7:30 PM, for an all new show of cakes, stories, and fun. In this live, interactive event, TLC's Cake Boss will share stories from his highly popular TV shows (Cake Boss, Next Great Baker), his family at Carlo’s Bakery, will answer audience questions, and most importantly, will give lots of live cake & cupcake decorating demonstrations, sharing tips and techniques in a high-energy experience for the whole family!

Readers of Moms In Heels receive $5 off of tickets.  Click here and use the code ‘BUDDY’.


Now onto the photos :) 

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IMG 0884


IMG 0864


IMG 0873


IMG 0874

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