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Colton Robb

Colton started preschool last week! Yes, my little guy is actually old enough to go to preschool. He was definitely excited though. He calls his school "the big red house" since it is indeed in a big red house, so everyday he asked if it was time to go to the big red house yet. 

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I actually didn't shed any tears because I was really excited for him! He loves, literally loves, other kids so you could see his excitement when he looked at me and said "Mom, I can't wait to see all of my friends at the big red house!" Keep in mind he actually didn't know any of the kids going, but to him, every kid is his friend. 

I can already tell he is going to be just like, talk, talk, talk. If you went to my gradeschool you would know I got in trouble for talking too much. I just couldn't help it! I always had so much to say and even my mom tells me that at night she would have to cover my mouth with her hand and say we could continue talking tomorrow because I had to go to sleep. Colton is just like that, he talks all day long! He just loves to talk. When we go to the park he will look around and smile and say "I have so many friends here!" everyone is Colton's friend, no matter their age.

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At our preschool you get in line and the teachers come out and get your child and then also bring your child out to the car when you pick them up. So Jeff and I naturally get there 10 minutes early so we could be in the front of the line, we were definitely first time picker-uppers. We got there at 11:20am and were the third car in line. Of course the kids are outside playing on the playground and Jeff and I are like leaning over each other to see if we can see our kid in the midst of the other million blondies running around. Then it's like "I see him!" and Jeff yells "where?!" as if we had never been away from our child before! We were definitely those parents.


Anyhow, Colton comes out to the car (we were just happy he was still wearing the same clothes!) and he looks so proud carrying his new backpack with his dirty knees and big smile. He gets in the car and we buckle him and right away we ask "so how was it?!" His smile faded a little and he said "I was not very good in there"... Jeff and I look at each other like oh no, what did he do?! So I ask what he means and why he wasn't good, and he simple says "I took another little boys car... right off the racetrack!" We try not to laugh and he said "don't worry, I gave it back though because then I saw my car, UNDER the racetrack". Phew, sigh of relief that he didn't get punched on the first day of preschool ;) I then asked him what his FAVORITE part of the whole day was and of course he replied "playing with ALL of my friends!". He proceeded to tell us that his teacher, Miss Sara, was so nice and he loved going to the big red house for school. He also informed us that there was another Colton in his class so he would like to be called Colton Robb Harst, lol. 

A successful day in the world of preschool. He's been doing great since and I just love picking him up and hearing the funny/ cute way he tells me about his day. He remembers more as the day goes on and I love laughing at his playground stories and how good or bad he thought he was. 

Hopefully all of you had a great first week of school and if you don't have kids school age yet, get ready because it happens before you know it! 

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What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

It’s School Time.  And in case I didn’t have my own little guy starting the big K, this time wouldn’t have gone unnoticed by me. Over the past month, my Facebook feed and Instgram account has been plastered by too cute for words hashtag first day pictures.  Preschoolers attempting to stand still long enough for moms to snap a pic.  Kindergartners with the look of excitement and a dash of nerves.  Junior Highers in the hottest trends and a I’m way too cool for this picture look. And the High Schoolers with the I’m almost an adult I can’t believe you are making me do this face. And I have enjoyed and smiled at each and every picture posted.


It seems parents are getting more creative with their first day photo prompts and backdrops.  One of my favs and seemingly popular idea is to capture what your child wants to be when they grow up.  Holding up chalkboards with their occupational dreams. Jotting it down in super cute artistic font on a dry erase. Printing a poster. The options are endless, the result is the same.  Parents are recording their children’s hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future at that particular moment.  A snapshot of the life that child dreams about.  The world they want to live in.

And can I tell you how much I love seeing what the kiddos hope to be? Love it.

Fireman. Policeman. Doctor. Teacher. Racecar Driver. Wizard. Puppy. Ninja. And for my guy a Scientist.


To hear what a young child wants to become is so insightful.  Mainly because most of the time the answer comes from a very honest place.  Most five year olds are not thinking about income potential, vacation time, and benefits.  Kids are not thinking about the number of years of post higher education required.  Labor statistics and future industry growth- nope.

I would imagine the answers come from what they love. What caught their very short attention span.  What sounds really cool.  Something about this is just so refreshing.

Ask kids what they want to be when grow up1

For some children as they get older disclaimers are found in their answers.  “I want to be a doctor, but I don’t know if I’m smart enough to get in med school.”  “ I really want to be a teacher, but know it will be hard to secure a job.”  “I want to be an artist, but my parents want me to major in business.”  For some their dreams seem to get beaten down. Reality hits.  Job market crashes.  Some people throw away what they love to do and start using different criteria to dictate what they hope to be.  This can be a good thing. Or this can be a bad thing. Sometimes our goals just change.

I just hope if my five year old’s answer changes it is because his interests changed. Because he was exposed to something that trumps what he wants to be now.  Because he learns something about himself that puts him on a different path.  And if his answer stays the same?  We would definitely welcome a Scientist in the family. 

It’s never too late to ask: What do you want to be when you grow up? No matter your age start dreaming of the person you will be one day. Never stop believing in what you can become. Do something every day that gets you closer to who you want to be.



(When I was five, I wanted to be a Candy Store Lady)

Motherhood Milestones

Today was the first day of kindergarten for my five year old, Dylan.

For me, it was yet another BIG Motherhood Milestone. A milestone met with anticipation of the unknown that I was forced to face and that resulted in every emotion imaginable. If there’s an emoticon for it, I felt it.

Motherhood is so flippin crazy.  Every time you turn around something new, something big, something you know is going to occur eventually but creeps up and hits you in the face happens.

Just when you think you got it all figured out.  As soon as you upgrade your mom biz card from Newbie to Master EVERYTHING CHANGES. In fact, it’s a completely different ballgame.  You are constantly scrapping your old game plan, your old schedule, your old effective motherhood strategies and starting all over.  A child goes through so many different stages, which means you do too.

Let’s explore shall we?

Stage: Sleepless Night.

Objective: Lean how to cram an entire days’ worth of productivity into the little window of baby nap time. (or follow the advice sleep when they sleep you sleep, but even this is a learned skill for many)

The Test: Can you function as a “normal” human being with zero sleep?

Finishing Line: At some point you get to celebrate the victory of sleeping through the night (although for first time moms this just means you are practicing your secret spy moves of sneaking in the nursery a few hundred times to make sure breathing is still occurring). This magical milestone really does deserve its own party.  You survived the sleepless night stage.  Congratulatory cards, balloons and hugs to you.


Running concurrent with this is….

Stage: Want to Be Held (and gosh darn it I want to hold you too).

Objective: Learn to do everything with one hand. Wipe down kitchen counters, eat, type/text, put on makeup.  All one handed.

The Test: How fast can you do everything you need to do with just one hand while holding the baby in the other?

Finishing Line: As soon as you are ready to enter the one handed soup eating contest—your child no longer wants to be held because now. Yes, we are moving on.


Stage: Crawling.

Objective: Learn to drop whatever you are doing faster than someone changes the channel when Miley Cyrus appears on the VMA Stage.

The Test: Your endurance and eyesight. Can you get to your Olympic training crawler before they reach the granite coffee table your husband forgets to move in the basement out of harms way? How fast are you when your child is about to pull on visible tv wires? Are you sure you picked up every Power Ranger fighting sword, bouncy ball, and little lego from the floor? Because if not, the crawler who happens to be teething will find it and put it in their mouth.  It’s just a given.

Finishing Line: Your endurance is improving.  Your floor is baby proofed.  You are as fast as your crawling baby, which is awesome because now they are done crawling.


Stage: Walking.

Objective: Drop everything you are doing quicker, run faster and baby proof higher.

The Test: Same test as crawling, only your speed and agility must improve and you may be met with additional obstacles as more toys are required to entertain.

The Finishing Line: At this point you completely realize there really is no such thing. Because let’s face it as soon as you conquer one stage that stage no longer exists and you are training for the next.  Learn. Complete. Move On.

Not moving, turns into rolling over, turns into crawling, turns into walking, turns into running.  And later it may be running with bonus Ninja chops.

Sleeping all day, turns into two naps, that turns into one nap that turns into no naps (By the way, this is a sad day.  A very sad day.)

Breastfeeding and/or formula, turns into baby food, that turns into table food.  Warning: It seems as though taste buds can change quickly.  The grilled cheese that was a crowd favorite and go-to lunch is now the most disgusting thing ever.  Which is tricky because my guy loves cheese and loves bread. Go figure.  There really is no time to figure this out though. Just make a peanut butter and jelly and carry on.

Just crying, turns into crying and babbling, turns into crying and learning to talk, turns into crying and never being quiet.

For us watching Little Einstein, turns into Dora, turns into Team Umizoomi.  And as soon as you learn to tune out the annoying Nick Jr. noises it turns into just regular big kid Nickelodeon annoying noises.

Kindergarten mom friends are added to PreSchool mom friends who are added onto Newborn mom friends.


Seriously all this happens so fast.  From laying your eyes on your precious little angel in that hospital room to holding back tears as they load up on the school bus for the first day of Kindergarten and all the stages in between. It’s a crazy ride. All I can say is buckle up, toughen up, get use to change and be ready to celebrate each and every stage. Because every single Mommy Milestone met is pretty gosh darn incredible.

XOXO, Brandi

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