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Brittany, Herself.

Have you heard of Brittany Gibbons?

If not, you're missing out. I bet most of you bloggers have, I mean, how could you not?! Well, for those of you who ARE missing out, let me show you a little glimpse of Brittany, Herself. Little did you know she lives right here in town! If you haven't met her in person, try to. She is pretty awesome. 

"Brittany Gibbons is the author of the blog, Brittany, Herself, a body image advocate, TED Speaker, media personality, internet catalyst, curve flaunter, comedian, fashion horder, and eater of the cold chinese take-out in the fridge. Her hilarious memoir, Fat Girl Walking, will be released by HarperCollins early 2015."

Here is a portion of her latest blog post--- Click here for the entire post and to visit her site! Happy Reading!


Brittany Gibbons


The 15 Minute Diaper Cake

We were throwing a surprise baby shower for a client at work last month and I got asked to help make a diaper cake by Heather, my co-worker (who also calls me "Wall", because there is just a wall seperating us and when we talk, we both stare the wall as if we can see other and just yell). 

Before we knew it, it was Friday at 4pm... and the cake was needed on Monday for the shower. Heather ran out and got the diapers and all the neccessities from Party City. We took all the goods into a conference room at 4:30pm and figured we would just wing it. Heather had made a diaper cake before... I had not. Once we decided we wanted to make the kind that looked "fanned out" instead of rolling up all the diapers, we were all set. We put our team work together and whipped out a pretty awesome Diaper Cake in literally... 15 minutes!


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What you need:

1 large box of diapers (size 1)


3 silver tiered cake platters

A few large rubberbands

A stapler

Cake Topper (we used plastic babies from Party City)

To start, we wrapped up some diapers to form a circle in the middle of the platter (that's what used the large rubberband for. You can do this on the bottom layer and the middle layer to take up space in the middle since the silver platters end up covering them). Wrap 'em up and rubberband 'em. Then you just set that rubberbanded circle of diapers in the middle of the platter, and fan the diapers out around it. Heather would hold the diapers and I would fan them out. Then one of us would hold it in place with our arms while the other wrapped the ribbon tightly around (we were at a loss for how to connect the ribbon so we just very discreetly stapled it). Viol√†! One layer done.


10253172 703549316372278 2002451283 n

You just repeat those steps on each layer and then when you get to the top, roll a really nice and neat little circle of diapers (for the topper to sit on) and again, fan out the diapers around it. Staple some ribbon on there, place a plastic baby on top and call it a day!


10270014 703556469704896 796691519 n 

Have you made a diaper cake? Have you seen those other diaper contraptions like diaper tricycles, etc...? Maybe I will try that next. 


Braxton's 2nd Birthday! - Rescue Bots Theme

My little baby turned 2 this month... I guess I can't call him a baby anymore :( I can't believe it. He seems even older than two though because he talks SO much and is such a little smarty pants. I guess the second one is always doing things faster due to having an older sibling. No wonder I talk so much... I was the youngest of 4!

I had a hard time thinking of a theme for Braxton's birthday. He likes so many things and one of his favorite things is Rescue Bots, the toddler version of Transformers. I didn't really want to pick Rescue Bots at first because he really only started watching it because of Colton, but before we knew it Braxton fell in love with it. I really had no choice in the matter because it was so apparent that he was OBSESSED with Boulder, Blades, Chase, Heatwave, and Bumblebee.

Just a little background on Rescue Bots: they are robot-like characters that transform into rescue mobiles that save people. Chase turns into a police car, Heatwave turns into a fire truck, Blades turns into a helicopter, Boulder turns into a bulldozer, and Bumblee turns into a race car.

Needless to say, there really aren't any Rescue Bots party supplies at Party City. I was going to have to come up with all my own stuff for this one, I couldn't even buy decorations. I decided to go with primary colors as more of a color theme. From there I had to incorporate as many Rescue Bots as possible. I bought red paper plates and printed out a personalized rescue bots circular "logo" on label paper (so it was like a giant sticker) and made them 2 different sizes, a 7" circle for the dinner plates and a 5" circle for the cake plates.


dinner plates

After the plates were done I decided to do water bottle labels. These are always fun and it was one more way to incorporate an actual picture of Rescue Bots into the party. Jeff was seriously the best and sat down and helped me cut out all the plate stickers and water bottle labels (which I also print on label paper so they were a giant sticker). I used scissors but he got creative and pulled out the cutting board and an exacto knife and went to town. - Thanks babe!

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The most time consuming part of all of this was honestly cutting out the sticker labels for everything. After the plates and water bottles were done I decided on stickers for one more thing: balloons. There is no such thing as Rescue Bot balloons, but I wanted some... so I decided to make my own! Another big thanks to Jeff for helping me put these on evenly! I printed out the characters on sticker paper once again, cut them out and put them on the balloons! I've never done this before but it worked out really well. One thing I learned is that you should put the stickers on the day of the party. If you put them on the night before, the balloons shrink a little and the sticker isn't perfectly flat the next day.

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Finally, the stickers were done! I had enough with sticker paper for awhile so I went ahead and had his shirt screenprinted. I was not up for making another iron-on (see Colton's party for my home made shirts) and he absolutely loved the shirt, plus it will last a lot longer than my iron-on ones!

10154818 694005197326690 1992717203 n

Next, I needed a Happy Birthday banner. I knew I was focusing on primary colors so I went looking for one at Party City, Walmart, etc... I am just too picky. They all looked too cheesy and party-ish and I just wanted a solid color one, no frills. I ended up making my own, which was WAY EASIER than I thought. I printed each "flag" out on regular computer paper and cut them out (left about one inch on the top to fold over the twine), and then just folded the white strip on the top over a piece of twine and taped it down. I LOVED it! Oh, Jeff gave me a hand with this too- he's such a stud!

1579789 693362247390985 952194647 n

Once all the decorations were done, I gathered up all the Rescue Bot figurines in the house, and bought a few others on Amazon for cake toppers. I could not find a cake I liked anywhere... I swear I'm becoming way too picky, but I get an idea in my head and I can't just settle until I figure out how to accomplish the "vision" in my head! I also didn't want just a normal cake, I wanted to do something different. I decided on two cakes. Each one would be a different Rescue Bot theme/character. I had the cakes made solid colored- one red (for a firetruck theme) and one blue (for a police car theme). I also went with a "shelf cake" style (I don't know if that's really what they are called but it sounds good to me). I picked them up the day of the party and just "decorated" them myself with the Rescue Bots.

10168529 694599787267231 1346134260 n

That's pretty much everything! I will let you see the pictures of it all put together now! Let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions on anything, I love helping you guys create cool parties and passing along templates etc...!

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10173418 694842317242978 592826009 n


Brax - 2nd birthday

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