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Making Babies

This post is from a guest blogger who will remain nameless, but please enjoy her post!

Makin’ babies. Pretty simple right?! I mean…we all get how it works. When a man and a woman love each other verrrrryyy much, they share a “special hug” and the stork comes and makes the mommy swallow the baby seed so that it grows in her belly. Or…something along those lines…whatever.   The point is that as young women, it was made very clear to us that if we follow the special get married and “do it a lot” plan, a baby pops out 40 weeks later! Not. So. Much.

                As a single mother of 8 years who literally got pregnant the VERY MILLISECOND she got off of birth control, I knew for sure that as soon as I got married and got off of my birth control, I was going to be the Michael Jordan of getting pregnant! Slam dunk baby! Except here we are 8 months later with no baby. Wait what?! I don’t understand! I’m totally healthy, we “do it” plenty…AND during my ovulation at that thanks to my handy dandy little smartphone app. Here are my literal one-sided conversations with God. Oh and of course they’re one-sided people…God doesn’t answer with a big earth-shaking booming voice right away! Duh…

Me: OK Lord…I did what you said. I’m married…no more birth control…plenty of marital sex (thanks for that by the way!) Sooo what’s the hold up here?

Me: Umm this is getting annoying. If you give me one more period, I’m throwing a tantrum and I’m NOT going to church on Sunday! Ok…just kidding. Sorry I’m a little PMSy right now. Your fault.

Me: Can we talk about this?! I feel like Spongebob in that episode on his first day of driving school. “I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready!” Ugh…this is pathetic…

                I look around me and I see so many women I know that are in healthy, stable marriages. They have healthy bodies and are dying to be the most wonderful mother in the world to any little bundle of joy that might be bestowed upon them. It seems so unfair. I know that not everyone is meant for babies…but still! Not cool. Honestly with all of the amazing stories out there about the women who were married for 10 years with no baby and then all of a sudden, a baby shows up on that ultrasound screen one day (I know someone like that), there is still plenty of hope for those that are trying and trying with no apparent success. There IS such a thing as God’s timing and I guess that is supposed to be perfect. Maybe you or your husband are getting ready to move or be promoted at work or about to endeavor on a difficult period and it would just be better to wait a little longer. Who knows!

These are the times that we women need to be supporting each other. Maybe this means going on lots of “girls’ nights” since we all know what happens to those when a screaming, pooping, hungry little angel comes along. Maybe this means allowing them to just talk about it, and get it off of their chest. Or mayyybbee this means holding a monthly pep rally for her husband’s “little men” “Come boys! Swim faster! Swim harder! Go go go!” Just maybe try to wait until everyone is dressed and out of the bedroom first. So awkward.

Either way, I think that the important thing to do is to keep trying, and to not give up! I mean the process of “makin’ babies” is actually pretty fun so if we need to continue THAT cycle for a while longer, I guess it‘s not the worst thing in the world! Enjoy.


Our Documentary List {By Brandi}

It usually takes some convincing to get my husband, Denny to watch a movie. He’s just not a fan. Usually because he’s afraid to invest his valuable time in a plot that he may or may not enjoy. So, I wasn’t surprised when I asked a last week if he wanted to do a popcorn and movie night at home, and I got a big fat no. He said, “I would just rather watch a documentary than an actual movie.” And I said, “Well let’s do that.” And we did. It was so interesting and fun for both of us, we have watched two more since.

Our choices are as random as we are. Living on One Dollar, Tyson, and Mortified Nation. See I told you complete randomness.

Living on One Dollar. Four young friends set out to live on just $1 a day for two months in Guatemala. Armed with only a video camera, they battle extreme conditions of hunger, potential diseases, and extreme financial stress as they attempt to survive life that is a reality for so many.

Holy emotional. Truly a gripping journey these guys embarked on to bring awareness to the desperation and poverty 1.1 billion people suffer around the world. Touching and raw footage that made you feel hopeless and hopeful all at the same time. The bond of the community and seeing those with hardly anything to give, give the most is just plain inspirational. At the end, Denny was like I would so do this. I could see him packing his bags. I actually had crazy dreams that night that he got us a one way ticket to Guatemala and I spent the whole time searching for food.

Tyson. (As in Mike). I am not a boxing fan, but Denny convinced me to watch it with him. It wasn’t all boxing. It had to do more with Tyson’s life from the earliest memories of growing up on the mean streets of Brooklyn, to having it all as Title Champ to losing it all. Abandonment from his mother, death of his greatest mentor, hard work and dedication, physical and mental strength, partying, rape conviction, failed marriage, and six kids later you truly got to see every side (mostly scary sides) of Mike Tyson.

At one point I was petrified of him at another I wanted to give him a hug. There were definitely parts that we uncomefortable to watch.  How Tyson spoke of women and his cheating ways.  Not ok. Again, crazy dreams. These ones, of course, involved a boxing ring.

Mortified Nation. By far my absolute favorite, and such an amazing initiative. It’s a documentary about adults who share their most embarrassing private childhood writings in front of total strangers. Yes, people reading their old diaries, journal entries, and letters they wrote as teenagers to an audience of people. It was hysterical. I’m not sure if Denny and I have laughed out loud together more. First love, first rejections, first total freak outs retold by the original authors. The mortified nation participants stated how liberating it was to poke fun of their younger selves over events that seemed so important at the time. One girl drew an entire story line of her crush when she was 14 years old. Descriptive pictures of them at the movies, holding hands, walking in a field, riding a horse, swimming in the ocean, getting married. Seriously, classic stuff. Everyone’s story was either so touching or so funny.   And this is an initiative with shows throughout the US encouraging people to get up and show their vulnerabilities by sharing captions of their lives back when. Honestly would you ever do this?

I absolutely adore that Denny and I are bonding over these documentaries. Love the conversations that come out of watching these. Send any documentary recommendations our way.



DIY - Jewelry Organizer

So I've been on this kick lately of getting all my things in order. I lucked out and got a bunch of new Stella & Dot Jewelry at a friends Sample Sale, which was fabulous, and now I'm hooked and want everything! Well once I started putting my new jewels away I realized that I have necklaces laying on my dresser, earrings in my bathroom, and bracelets the counter. I do indeed have a jewelry box, but it's just that-- a box. I needed something more spacious, somewhere to really display them.

I looked at buying those full size mirrors that open up and have spots for everything but they were pricey and I just wanted to do something different. I decided to go with a 'jewlery wall'. Again, I forgot to take a "before" picture, so I had already taken down the hooks that used to be up on the wall (which were just covered in sweatshirts anyways). So once I got that off I remembered to snap a pic, so this is what it used to look like (yes, there was two colors of white paint and don't worry after seeing this picture I also washed the door and trim):

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Then I went off shopping in search of

- Wooden Dowel (One long piece, cut into 3 measured pieces)

- Shelf

- Frame

- 6 Screw in White Hooks

- Towel Bar

- Plastic Anchors

- Metal Screen

I got all of the supplies at Walmart and Home Depot really cheap. The metal screen is to add to the frame to hang my earrings on. I haven't gotten that far yet because I wanted 1/4" metal screening and Home Depot was out of that size and I didn't want to drive all around Toledo in the snow. So when I do get it, I will remove the mirror that's in the frame now and replace it with the metal screen (which you can paint any color you want, and just staple to the back of the frame). It took me a few days to do everything since I had to patch some holes and repaint the wall white. Then I started with the shelf and worked my way up. I put the shelf at a height that my upright laundry basket would still fit under with some space. I hung the shelf with brackets, and then moved upwards to the dowel rod with the bracelets. I screwed in the white hooks first, then laid the rod across them and kept moving up. The dowel lengths I got cut were 2 pieces at 25" and 1 piece at 15". Then, when you want a bracelet off, you just lift up one end of the rod and slide it off - unless it has a hook.

1560508 10152257220715739 2070509071 n

I also used the towel rack to hang on the wall behind the door for my scarves, because those were just hanging all over the house too. It's a perfect spot because it's close enough to the wall that the door doesn't hit it and it keeps them organized!

1619220 10152257222715739 2097378829 n

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I am going to put a ring box on the shelf to hold all my rings and then switch out the mirror to the metal screen (see below for what it will look like when the screen is in place). I also got that awesome wooden sign above the mirror from a friend, Betsy, who makes & sells them on her Etsy Shop Color Me Lucky. The other sign is a metal sign I got as a gift from my stepmom so I don't know where she got it, but I'm sure Betsy could make that as well!


Well that is all for now! Just thought I would share my latest project with you and give you a peak inside my closet space! Don't worry, I have many more projects up my sleeve ;) I love having the time to work on them, it's been so much fun. Happy Sunday! I am now off to watch The Grammys!


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