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Surprise 60th Birthday Party!

Last month my dad turned the big 6-0! Luckily, both of my sisters were in town for a few weeks and we got the chance to throw him a big surprise party! The last surprise party he had was for his 40th, I actually remember my step-mom planning it, I was 6 at the time, so this time around was MUCH more fun ;)

We invited all of his family and friends and were so happy with the response, even the people who couldn't make it, or lived too far away sent cards in the mail for him, which was so thoughful! We even put a little basket together to hold all the cards that got sent. Next, we made an area where we asked everyone to jot down at least one memory they had with him over the last 60 years. We cut little squares of paper and set out colored markers. That way my step-mom, Pam, could take them home after the party and put them together in album for keeping (the colored sharpies just made them look nicer).

We got together the week before his party and planned out food, pictures, decorations, etc... We decided on a burger bar to keep it simple, pasta salad, a cheese plate and some appetizers. For drinks we did beer, blueberry vodka lemonade, wine, water, and soda. Below are a handful of pictures from the day, I hope you enjoy scrolling through them! Love you, Dad :) 


A special thanks to Aunt Cleo and Carol - pictured above - for coming all the way from Cincinnati for the party, it really meant a lot to all of us! (FYI, Aunt Cleo is in her 90's and looking as fabulous as ever! I certainly hope I get those genes!)

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(that picture is a classic family inside joke ^)

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Have you thrown a surprise party? Was it a success?!

Construction Themed Birthday Party

Eeek, I've been such a blog slacker! Although, the reason for not posting recently is because I've been so busy! In one month I hosted Colton's 4th birthday, a surprise party for my Dad's 60th, and Braxton 2nd birthday! Holy Parties! It was all so much fun though, and each turned out to be a great success :)

Every year I let the boys pick the theme for their birthday. I asked Colt what he wanted for his birthday this year and he got really excited and said Bob the Builder AND Handy Manny. I thought about each of those for awhile and then decided it would be best just to do a construction theme that would incorporate bullbozers, tools, and all that other stuff ;) So... construction theme it was.

Of course I waited till the very last minute to do anything for the party and was up until 3am the night before. I was making t-shirts, cleaning, decorating etc... Then I got up early to finish getting everything together, make the food, the cake, and the cookies. Thankfully I have an amazing mom who came over to help and worked wonders with the cake and cookies! We had a great time putting it all together!

I will let you check out the pics to see everything for yourself. If you have any questions about specifics or where I got anything just leave a comment or send me a message. I bought a lot of stuff with Amazon Prime and I made the t-shirts.

Enjoy the photos!



All in all, we had such a great day and I think I had the most fun just putting everything together! Like I said above, If you have any questions just comment or shoot me a message!

Making Babies

This post is from a guest blogger who will remain nameless, but please enjoy her post!

Makin’ babies. Pretty simple right?! I mean…we all get how it works. When a man and a woman love each other verrrrryyy much, they share a “special hug” and the stork comes and makes the mommy swallow the baby seed so that it grows in her belly. Or…something along those lines…whatever.   The point is that as young women, it was made very clear to us that if we follow the special get married and “do it a lot” plan, a baby pops out 40 weeks later! Not. So. Much.

                As a single mother of 8 years who literally got pregnant the VERY MILLISECOND she got off of birth control, I knew for sure that as soon as I got married and got off of my birth control, I was going to be the Michael Jordan of getting pregnant! Slam dunk baby! Except here we are 8 months later with no baby. Wait what?! I don’t understand! I’m totally healthy, we “do it” plenty…AND during my ovulation at that thanks to my handy dandy little smartphone app. Here are my literal one-sided conversations with God. Oh and of course they’re one-sided people…God doesn’t answer with a big earth-shaking booming voice right away! Duh…

Me: OK Lord…I did what you said. I’m married…no more birth control…plenty of marital sex (thanks for that by the way!) Sooo what’s the hold up here?

Me: Umm this is getting annoying. If you give me one more period, I’m throwing a tantrum and I’m NOT going to church on Sunday! Ok…just kidding. Sorry I’m a little PMSy right now. Your fault.

Me: Can we talk about this?! I feel like Spongebob in that episode on his first day of driving school. “I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready!” Ugh…this is pathetic…

                I look around me and I see so many women I know that are in healthy, stable marriages. They have healthy bodies and are dying to be the most wonderful mother in the world to any little bundle of joy that might be bestowed upon them. It seems so unfair. I know that not everyone is meant for babies…but still! Not cool. Honestly with all of the amazing stories out there about the women who were married for 10 years with no baby and then all of a sudden, a baby shows up on that ultrasound screen one day (I know someone like that), there is still plenty of hope for those that are trying and trying with no apparent success. There IS such a thing as God’s timing and I guess that is supposed to be perfect. Maybe you or your husband are getting ready to move or be promoted at work or about to endeavor on a difficult period and it would just be better to wait a little longer. Who knows!

These are the times that we women need to be supporting each other. Maybe this means going on lots of “girls’ nights” since we all know what happens to those when a screaming, pooping, hungry little angel comes along. Maybe this means allowing them to just talk about it, and get it off of their chest. Or mayyybbee this means holding a monthly pep rally for her husband’s “little men” “Come boys! Swim faster! Swim harder! Go go go!” Just maybe try to wait until everyone is dressed and out of the bedroom first. So awkward.

Either way, I think that the important thing to do is to keep trying, and to not give up! I mean the process of “makin’ babies” is actually pretty fun so if we need to continue THAT cycle for a while longer, I guess it‘s not the worst thing in the world! Enjoy.


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