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Moms In Heels was started in late 2010 by sister-in-laws Lisa Harst and Brandi Walerius, both new moms to little boys. A simple blog written about the joys, trials, and tribulations of motherhood quickly grew to more opportunities, friendships, and ideas.

Here we are summer 2013 still chugging along and expanding our families. We went from each having one boy to now each having two boys!

The “heels” in Moms In Heels is something that people used to identify us with, stiletto heels to be exact. Once we got pregnant people would always say things like “just wait till you have to haul that baby around, you won’t be wearing heels then!” and we thought “oh yeah? Watch me. I’ll haul that baby in heels, I could run a marathon in heels! [Again, let’s be honest- as if we could ever run a marathon.

So then we began to notice something: a lot of women started to lose the things that defined them when they became a mom. We didn’t want that to happen to us! We would not only wear sweat pants, a pony tail, and not be able to lose the baby weight, or wear flats every day. That sounded awful. We love getting ready, and doing our hair, and attempting to stay a little trendy. We vowed to always wear heels… you know, like Victoria Beckham [but much fatter, funnier, and flat chested than she is], and we still have at least 10 pounds of baby weight to lose, but we're getting there.

So it became our mission to encourage women to stay true to themselves… hence the tag line “balancing who you used to be, who you are, and who you want to become”, because whether you were a marathon runner, a chef, or a wine connoisseur, don’t change just because you’re life got a little more complicated, still make time for a run, a nice dinner, or a glass of your favorite wine. We still wear heels when we get the chance, and it makes us feel good about ourselves.

Just remember the girl your husband fell in love with, and be that girl- with a diaper bag instead of a Louie ;)


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