My Least Favorite Day

I have a favorite day of the week.  Do you?  My favorite days change with the seasons due to my weird schedule.  My day to look forward to at the moment is Sunday.  Sunday = NFL and sometimes a day off.  Once again due to my schedule throughout the years, my weeks and days are so different.  Along with the day I love, comes the day I despise. 

Let me explain to you about  Wednesdays.  I have recently dreaded Wednesdays kinda like I dread over stuffed diapers – puke – and the thought of getting run over by an oversized steam roller.

Lisa has to get up on Wednesday at 4 AM to get ready to do the television show at WNWO.  That’s right…………4AM!!!!!!  Do traffic lights even work at that time in the AM?????  The first taping is at 5:30 AM.  That seems kinda early to me but what do I know?  I used to think my brother in law was the craziest person alive because he sometimes gets up at like 4:30 to work out before he goes to work.  I can now see how he and Lisa are related.   So, when she gets up for this crazy  pre-dawn exercise, I of course wake up.  So happy to see you Wednesday.  Lisa then goes from a taping of the TV show to the morning radio show at Star 105.  Of course I usually turn on the radio around 7 (BECAUSE I AM UP), to listen to Lisa use me and my daily life as comedy material.  Great day so far.

So I usually go into work at 9 every day.  The problem with Wednesday is that I’m so dead when I go in it almost hurts.  For those of you early risers, you are now saying “what a wuss, suck it up!”  Here is the question I ask to you…. What time do you go to bed???  I can’t fall asleep before 12:30 for whatever reason………..  4 in the morning hits me like that steam roller I spoke about earlier.  During the regular season I work from 9AM until around 9PM.  Needless to say working that long almost is a blessing………..  Guess what is waiting for me at home???????

There is that time during the month that certain women act a certain way which is not well received by others.  I think you know what I am talking about.  When I get home on Wednesday night and about half way into Thursday Lisa takes the form of that kind of women, but intensifies it ten times over.  Here is a question I may ask Lisa on a Monday night…. “Hey Lisa, what time is it?”  She will answer “6:35, why do you need something?”

Here is the same question on a Wednesday night.  “Hey Lisa, what time is it?”  “I DON’T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!  HOW WOULD I KNOW THAT?????!!!!!!!!!!!  WHERE IS YOUR PHONE???!!”  Now I don’t mean to insinuate that she is yelling all the time. Lisa is not really a yeller.    I just don’t know how to type the tone that says “hey idiot, I don’t know what time it is, just leave me alone”    And this is how it goes till about mid Thursday till her body catches back up.  I could go on about this but she may read this tomorrow and tomorrow happens to be WEDNESDAY.  God help us all!!!!

I actually wrote this in the hopes that she would try her hardest to be normal on Wednesday night and Thursday morning…….Please send her happy messages on Wednesday to help the cause.  It’s not too much to ask!!!


0 #1 Nicole Walker 2012-09-25 15:45
"Of course I usually turn on the radio around 7 (BECAUSE I AM UP), to listen to Lisa use me and my daily life as comedy material. Great day so far."

hahahaha HILARIOUS! :D

"There is that time during the month that certain women act a certain way..."

^^i'd watch it, Jeff...we're pretty much unable to control our actions during that time, so there's no telling what lisa might do... :) GREAT POST!

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